Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I purchase tickets to an event at the USCA Convocation Center?
A. The Convocation Center Box Office is located on the left side of the front atrium. It is open: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm*  The box office is open on Saturdays and Sundays for on-sale dates and special events only. Check the events calendar for dates and times.  Convocation Center Website: Locate the event on our website for which you would like to purchase tickets and click the “BuyTix” button next to the date of the event.  Charge By Phone: To charge by phone, call 1-866-722-8877

Q. Who should I contact regarding Renting the Center?
A. Whether you are a promoter planning to bring an act to South Carolina or a local business looking for a unique place to hold your next company meeting – The Convocation Center has the space you’re looking for.  Please contact Josh Small at (803) 641-3719 for further information and for available dates.

Q. What are the video and camera policies for the Convocation Center?
A. Non-professional (under 200 mm without a detachable lens) cameras are permitted in the arena for Convocation Center events, as long as no flash is used. Professional photography is prohibited. Video cameras are usually prohibited, unless prearranged before the event. If you have a digital camera, the same zoom restrictions apply (under 200mm without a detachable lens). If your digital camera has any video recording capabilities and there is a no video recording policy at the event, your camera will not be permitted in the building. The same policy applies to digital video cameras that can take still photos. In no instance may photography interfere with access ways, seats, aisles or other guests’ enjoyment of the event. Please check the specific event information on our website in advance to check the policy, call us, email us or check the policy signs when entering the building.

Q. Can I Re-Enter the Center?
A. Once a patron leaves the Convocation Center during an event, there is no re-entry permitted unless another ticket is purchased.

Q. Does the Convocation Center offer Catering for my special event?
A. Catered functions at the Convocation Center, such as a group meeting can be arranged by contacting Josh Small at (803) 641-3719

Q. Are the Concession Stands opened at during all events?
A. In general, there are concession stands open during all ticketed events, which serve a variety of food and drink products. There are exceptions, however. At the request of the show, concession stands may be closed.

Q. When do doors open ?
A. The doors generally open one (1) hour prior to the scheduled game/event time. This may vary, depending on the event. Guests are encouraged to come early to avoid delays. Some events may start with a BLOCK PARTY a few hours before the doors open. Guests are encouraged to attend the BLOCK PARTY and enjoy the good food, cool beverages and fun activities. Once a patron leaves the Convocation Center during an event, there is no re-entry permitted unless another ticket is purchased.

Q. What if I get hurt or someone needs medical attention ?
A. The First Aid Station offering medical assistance will be located in the facility to offer medical assistance. If medical assistance is required, notify the nearest Convocation Center representative or go directly to the First Aid Station.

Q. Our group would like to attend an event together. Can we get a Group Discount?
A. Yes! Group discounts are offered for most games/events held at the Convocation Center.
Anyone interested in purchasing tickets for a group for an event should contact Ethan Samarel, Groups Sales Manager, at 706-262-4573.
For more information please visit the group sales page.

Q. Can I smoke at the Convocation Center?
A. Smoking is not permitted inside or within 25 feet outside of the Convocation Center.

Q. Can Alcohol be brought into the Convocation Center?
A. Under no circumstances will alcohol be allowed to enter the Convocation Center. Patrons will be asked to leave the center if caught attempting to bring alcohol inside the center. Alcohol is not permitted in the parking lots surrounding the Convocation Center.

Q. Is Alcohol available inside the Convocation Center?
A. Only during certain events will alcohol be sold at the concession stands inside the Convocation Center. NCAA restrictions do not allow the selling of alcohol at any collegiate event.

Q. Can I distribute Leaflets or Brochures?
A. Distribution of any printed materials or selling of any items is prohibited on the Convocation Center grounds, including the parking lots, walkways, and inside the Convocation Center.

Q. Do you have a Lost and Found Department?
A. Any items that have been lost or found should be reported to a Convocation Center representative. Guests may call (803) 641-3715 during normal business hours to inquire about lost and found items.

Q. What if my child gets lost while at the Convocation Center?
A. Children should be told to contact a Convocation Center representative should he or she become lost.

Q. What can I do if I have lost my ticket(s)?
If the tickets were purchased at the Convocation Center Box OfficeCash payment: There are no instances when a replacement voucher will be issued if a patron has lost their tickets.Credit Card Payment: Call or come in to the Convocation Center Box Office. The following information will be required: customer’s name, date of purchase, type of credit card used. Once the original order has been found, a replacement ticket voucher will be printed and the original tickets will be voided. If the tickets were purchased through Online Ticketing. Please contact the Convocation Center’s phone center at 1-866-722-8877 to report your tickets lost. They will give you further instructions once you place a report with them. Any replacement tickets will only be allowed to be picked up onthe event day, 2 hours prior to the start of the show. This is to ensure the safety of your tickets because once tickets have been replaced, no other replacements can be made. Tickets can only be picked up by the person who is listed on the account as the ticket purchaser. If the tickets were purchased through Charge By PhoneSee above – online ticketing.

Q. My tickets were stolen. Can they be replaced?
A. A police report will be required by Convocation Center Management. Stolen ticket passes will be given out at the discretion of the Box Office Manager and only after verification of purchase. A fee for reprinting tickets may apply to stolen or lost tickets. The pass will have the location of the original ticket(s) printed on it.
*Lost or Stolen tickets may be subject to a reprint fee

Q. Can I exchange my tickets?
A. The Box Office will only allow exchanges in extraordinary cases. If tickets are available, patrons may upgrade seats by paying the difference of the ticket prices. The upgrade policy is set at the discretion of the Box Office Manager and/or Event Promoter.

Q. Is there an ATM at the Convocation Center?
A. No. There is not an ATM at the Convocation Center.

Q. Where will I park when I come to the Convocation Center?
A. For your convenience, there are several available parking lots within walking distance of the Convocation Center. Accessible parking is available in all of these lots. In order to park in the spaces reserved for disabled guests, the vehicle must have a state issued handicapped window pass, sticker, or license plate. Any vehicle may drop off a disabled patron at the front of the Convocation Center and then park their car in one of the lots and meet that person inside the Center.
There is a $5.00 charge for parking for all ticketed events.

Q. Are there any restricted items which are not allowed in the Convocation Center?
A. Aerosol cans • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs • Animals (except certified service dogs for the disabled) • Beach balls and other inflatables• Bota bags or wine skins • Bullhorns or noise makers • Cameras or recording devices (varies by event) • Confetti • Fireworks, firearms, or other weapons • Framed Backpacks • Glass bottles or aluminum cans • Ice chests (coolers) or thermos containers • Laser pointers • Outside food or beverage • Skateboards or roller blades • Sticks or clubs (including signs attached to sticks) • Stools or folding chairs • Water bottles or mugs • Golf Umbrellas